Cleaning and lubricating preparations

PavCo – Your supplier of cleaning and lubricating chemicals for industrial purposes.
Choose from a range of OKS, CRC or others.


Industrial use of cleaners in car repair shops and manufacturing companies

Food industry

Cleaners, degreasers and disinfectants

Logistics & forwarding

Cleaning of large halls and sliding aic lines

Building industry

Cleaning and lubricating preparations for the construction industry

We know that nowadays it is difficult to find a key and loyal partner, and therefore our biggest mission is to satisfy your requirements and needs. PavCo, s.r.o. will take care of your maximum satisfaction thanks to our professionalism, high quality products and fast communication. Because of our  wide portfolio, we believe that you will find what you are looking for.



New generation of cleaning and lubricating agents OKS and CRC

PavCo, s.r.o. was established in 2019. Due to the interconnection of the owner of the company, it works closely with the company APC CONTROLS, s.r.o., which has been operating on the market since 2002.

Spoločnosť PavCo, s.r.o. provides activities and services:

  • Gauge calibration
  • Production and sharpening of special cutting tools from HSS, TK, PCD and diamond
  • PVD coating of tools and parts
  • Production of molds of punches, cutters and components from various materials on CNC machining centers according to customer requirements
  • Design, installation and supply of measuring, control, communication, electrical and mechanical equipment and components for electrical, instrumentation and control, ASR, technological and construction projects
  • Design, creation and implementation of control systems, software development for PLC and visualization software
  • Technical inspections and technical tests of electrical equipment
  • Implementation of welding, locksmith, electrical and aion work
  • Consulting in the field of project management according to the PRINCE2 methodology

Spoločnosť PavCo, s.r.o. provides supplies:

  • Distribution of industrial chemistry – cleaners, oils, lubricants, paste separators, greases, adhesives, sealants, liquid seals and others from manufacturers OKS, CRC, LOCTITE
  • Equipment, instruments and sensors for measuring all physical and chemical quantities.
  • BULDOG brand disinfection stands, cabinets and products
  • Foam organizers
  • Tools (drills, milling cutters, reamers, taps, exchangeable cutting inserts, Tyrolit abrasives, other tools) and tools
  • BOMAR band saws and BERNARDO machine tools
  • Bearings and accessories
  • Retaining rings SEEGER
  • Gaskets, chains, pulleys, pulleys and sprockets
  • VELUM filtration – for fans and motors in industry
  • Camera systems along with their installation
  • Switchboards and their production
  • Machinery technology such as valves, taps, flaps, filters, expansion joints, mounting inserts, suction and inlet baskets, sight glasses, pressure regulators, special fittings, level indicators, actuators and pumps.
  • Electrical components and electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, relays, isolators, surge protectors, current protections, lightning conductors, aion components (PLC, PC cables …), cables, etc.


For higher and regular orders, do not hesitate to contact us regarding wholesale prices. 



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